Vendio's FREE Buyer Appreciation Service

Build Customer Relationships from the First Bid

Don't wait until your auctions end to build customer relationships. Give customers the care you would offer if they walked into your store by sending a personalized e-mail to every bidder.

Drive more sales through cross promotion
Send "Thank You" e-mails to bidders that include a showcase of your other items. Your custom e-mail can also promote specials like combined shipping discounts and free gift wrapping.

Reduce your unpaid bidder rate
Validate the bidder's contact information and avoid post-sale surprises by watching for "bounced" e-mails.

Grow your "opt-in" mailing list exponentially
Each bidder can "opt-in" to your mailing list so you can notify them about special deals or new merchandise.

Adhere to eBay policy
Your bidders' e-mail addresses are not recorded or stored unless they opt-in to your mailing list.

Try it free
Vendio's Buyer Appreciation service is absolutely free!

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